Social Work Practice Improvement: Live Learning Model

The delivery of Shared Vision’s Social Work ‘Live Learning Model’ supports any improvement journey.

The model ensures intensive practice mentoring, modelling and support to social workers and their managers and on a daily basis, driving the transformation and improvement process as well as ensuring identified priority area outcomes are achieved.

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How we deliver for you

  • The direct work of the ‘Live Learning Model’ provides constant dynamic understanding of practice improvement within social work and the oversight and management of it, workforce capability and challenges and links directly to the interpretation and understanding of performance and organisational data within a quality and assurance framework
  • The delivery of the model is best embedded within the improvement plan governance structure of a local authority to ensure immediate visibility of success, issues and challenges allowing strategic leaders to respond to transformational change and ensure strategic direction and decision making is always evidence informed
  • Evidence collection against the BASW PCF domains and the KSS and Social Work England standards
  • Mentoring and modelling of best practice social work daily to develop an understanding in the context of a supportive environment
  • Reflective practice sessions – Individual and Group
  • Continual quality, compliance and learning dip sampling/ audits facilitated by Shared Vision with the manager and social worker: All driving continuous learning, strengthening practice knowledge, enhancing skills and ensuring management oversight at specific review points and improved decision making on case work
  • Development plans designed in practice with a manager tracking learning and progress of their social worker to inform performance evaluation or appraisal
  • Provision of three evidence informed, practice knowledge tools designed by Shared Vision are embedded as part of the model that compliment all approaches and practice frameworks used by the Local Authority (identification of need, harm and risk, hypothesis and analysis)
  • Present and report on progress and impact.

Marisa De Jager


Marisa is a registered social worker with statutory operational & strategic management experience. She is passionate about effective social work practice, has a commitment to continuing professional development, investment in practice and building on transformational strength-based and reflective practice models that ensure prevention, diversion and intervention opportunities making a difference to children and young people’s lives. She has strong experience working with stakeholders, including service users, carers, families and communities to deliver change and quality improvements across systems…

How you benefit

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