We are proud of the strong relationships we build with our clients, hear what some of them have to say:

I have worked with Nigel over a number of years regarding multi agency information sharing/Data Protection legislation particularly with regard to safeguarding children and young people. Nigel's knowledge and expertise in this area is extensive, both in terms of legal statute and policy as well as practical application in partnership settings. His advice and guidance is always well grounded and his ability to 'translate' requirements across different organisational/operational settings and cultures is highly valued. Nigel continues to support the development of Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub arrangements, contributing a productive 'constructive challenge' to partnership discussions.

Gail Porter - BEM Programme Director, Liverpool City Council

Marisa worked with GlobalNet21 in a Seminar we held on Radicalisation and Young People. I was impressed by both her knowledge and her skills of making informed and interesting presentations. As a result we have now asked Marisa to do a webinar with us on a similar subject so that we can reach a wider and indeed global audience. I discovered that Marisa is very knowledgeable in a range of different topics that relate to community engagement and care. She is an extremely good networker with a wide range of contacts that she often involves in many of her projects. This creates added value to what she does in her work with others. She is an enthusiastic operator in the work she does and brings that sense of enthusiasm with her that truly engages an audience. It is a privilege to work with her.

Francis Sealey - Director Globalnet21, Author of Global Public Square

Walsall council chose to work with Nib Shared Vision for several reasons; their flexibility and timely responsiveness to our initial request for a service throughout our intervention with them; the quality and simplicity of the models that they delivered; their approach of “skills transfer” to existing staff within our organisation to continue to embed their models of intervention and “working with” practitioners and managers, which supports our Restorative Practices in Walsall. The knowledge workshops delivered by Nib Shared Vision set the context for the Social Work Practice improvement work, focusing particularly on our ability to recognise need, risk and evidence the impact upon the child/ young person. Nigel Boulton, Marisa de Jager and Rachel Maloney then linked to our practice Development Coordinators to share their knowledge and skills in the delivery of their integrated framework to ensure that the new practices could be sustained and embedded once Nib Shared Vision completed their work. Workers and managers now have a consistent tool to use called the “analysis grid” to inform their risk analysis and planning which compliments the other models used within Walsall e.g. NSPCC’s analytical chronology.

When we were recently inspected by Ofsted in 2017, social workers were able to articulate their use of the tool and inspectors could see evidence of its use and impact on case management decision making and planning.

In addition to this, Nib Shared Vision were instrumental in supporting Walsall council with an extremely complex and challenging child abuse enquiry involving multiple children and young people and a pool of multiple potential perpetrators of abuse. They facilitated several multi disciplinary ‘mapping exercise’ to asist us and our partners to identify the linkages between potential victims and perpetrators which serve to safeguard more expediently those children and young people to whom the risk of abuse had not been previously identified. Their knowledge, expertise and skills in this area served to support all safeguarding leads from across agencies in safely managing the emerging risk to children and young people and highlighted the need for considerable staff support at every level.

Lisa Harris - Principal Social Worker, Walsall Council