Social Work: Training & Knowledge Workshops

We deliver a range of interactive and reflective social work child focussed workshops to strengthen evidence informed practice.

Our workshops are aligned with the BASW Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) domains, Knowledge and Skills Statements (KSS) and Social Work England standards. We tailor our workshops to match local strategic priorities, social work principles and any practice framework.

How we deliver for you

Our workshops are underpinned by best practice and informed by social work and partnership expertise, knowledge, skills and operational and strategic experience ensuring participants are equipped with up to date knowledge and skills they need to deliver outstanding evidence informed practice.

Topics (not exhaustive) include:

  • Practice and Management standards
  • Voice of the Child and lived experience
  • Assessment, planning, intervention and critical thinking
  • Integrated partnership working
  • Children in Special circumstances
  • Need, harm and risk beyond the family.

Marisa De Jager


Marisa is a registered social worker with statutory operational & strategic management experience. She is passionate about effective social work practice, has a commitment to continuing professional development, investment in practice and building on transformational strength-based and reflective practice models that ensure prevention, diversion and intervention opportunities making a difference to children and young people‚Äôs lives. She has strong experience working with stakeholders, including service users, carers, families and communities to deliver change and quality improvements across systems…
Ensure you are equipped with up to date knowledge and skills you need to deliver outstanding evidence informed practice.
Children pointing upwards