Social Work Practice: Typology Model and Live Learning Approach

Nib Shared Vision’s Social Work Typology Model uses an immersive, interactive, and supportive learning approach to enable Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSW’s) to be competent and productive within six months whilst enhancing knowledge and professional skills in their practice.

The model enables an organisation to identify and recruit new social work professionals at pace to support the creation of a permanent, sustainable workforce delivering high quality social work for children and families.

The Typology model provides the bedrock of new social work professionals who provide the opportunity for cultural alignment and continuous practice improvement.

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How we deliver for you

  • The Typology model enables Local Authority Children Services to recruit at scale and aims to provide stability, cultural change, alignment, and sustainability across service areas
  • The Typology model provides significant cashable savings through the creation of a permanent workforce and the reduction in agency spend
  • The ‘Live Learning’ component of the Typology Model provides daily mentoring of Newly Qualified Social Workers within their AYSE by an experienced Shared Vision practitioner to ensure the safe transition from academic learning to practice knowledge ensuring a deep practice understanding in a supportive environment
  • The Typology ‘Live Learning’ approach is always connected to supervision, practice forums, reflective practice, and the learning environment, including quality assurance, to strengthen education, learning and professional development in Children’s Social Care
  • Evidence is collected against the key knowledge and skills areas required within Children’s Social Work and capability is constantly assessed whilst ensuring compliance with Social Work England standards
  • Continual quality, compliance and learning audits facilitated by Nib Shared Vision together with the manager and NQSW: audit drives continuous learning, strengthens practice knowledge, enhances skills and ensures management oversight at specific review points as well as improved decision making on case work
  • Development plans designed in practice with managers to track learning and progress of NQSW’s to inform performance evaluation and appraisal
  • The Typology model recruits social workers from the UK and abroad in line with clients requirements.

Marisa De Jager


Marisa is a registered social worker with statutory operational & strategic management experience. She is passionate about effective social work practice, has a commitment to continuing professional development, investment in practice and building on transformational strength-based and reflective practice models that ensure prevention, diversion and intervention opportunities making a difference to children and young people’s lives. She has strong experience working with stakeholders, including service users, carers, families and communities to deliver change and quality improvements across systems…

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