Nigel Boulton


Nigel served as a Police officer and has over 35 years of experience in organisational leadership, management and innovation together with a strong background in safeguarding professional practice.

Nigel spent most of his career as a Detective serving for 11 years as a Detective Superintendent leading and managing the investigation of Homicide and Serious and Organised Crime enquiries which included safeguarding enquiries concerning children and vulnerable adults. He worked extensively in the UK and abroad.

He designed and delivered the original concept of Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs, the true design of which draws on his experiences dealing with risk assessment and decision making.

He now works with both statutory and non-statutory organisations with Marisa de Jager, his social work partner within Nib SharedVision, to ensure all children and vulnerable adults are afforded protection from and support in relation to need, harm and risk.

Nigel undertakes safeguarding reviews for the private, public, charity and museum sector and he supports the Local Government Association peer review process as a specialist peer in relation to safeguarding.

Nib SharedVision also raises and captures the child's voice in unique ways allowing policy makers and commissioners to design and deliver services which are focused on the needs of children and young people as well as influencing changes to social work and policing practice.

He has co-authored the safeguarding publication: Multi Agency Safeguarding in a Public Protection World. A handbook for protecting children and vulnerable adults.

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